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Adam Walker is a record breaking ocean swimmer. Ocean swimming is known as one of the toughest extreme sports on the planet. Wearing only swim trunks and hat (no wet suit allowed) you are against nature, swimming all day without being able to get out of the water or rest. You face huge swells, currents, freezing temperatures, exhaustion, sharks and other deadly marine life swimming distances in excess of 25 miles in large periods of darkness.

In 2007 Adam watched an in-flight movie on a plane called ‘On a clear day’ about a man swimming the English Channel which motivated him to take up the sport. In 2008 he swam the English Channel in 11 hours 35 min and then went on to challenge himself to do the 7 toughest in the world. In 2010 he became the first British person to swim from Spain to Morocco as well as breaking the British record one way. In 2012, at the Molokai strait in Hawaii, he was stung by a deadly Portuguese ‘man of war’ that pulled its tentacles off Adam’s stomach and he had to swim the last 3.5 hours of a 17 hour swim in agony, but still completed it. He then moved on to the Catalina Channel in America where his bicep tendon ruptured and had to swim for6 hours with one arm. Then followed Tsugaru Channel with huge swells and Cook Strait in New Zealand where Adam was hunted by a shark and a pod of dolphins came to his aid. His video went around the world and has over 5 million hits on YouTube.

Adam finished his last swim on 6th August 2014 swimming the freezing cold Ireland to Scotland, having been repeatedly stung by lions mane jellyfish, to become the first British person to complete the amazing feat.

After being constantly confronted by “the wall”, the psychological and physiological barriers (including having three operations on his shoulder), Adam completed these feats due to his incredible fitness, stamina, willpower to succeed and his power of mind – a psychological triumph. He taps into a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise, specifically focusing on motivation, self-esteem, self discovery and overcoming psychological barriers. He talks to a wide range of audiences, not only in the UK but also in the US, New Zealand and Japan, about his amazing story, his challenges and what drives him.

Adam has raised thousands for a number of charities including The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Make A Wish Foundation and Sports Aid. He has had global coverage, having featured on BBC, ITV, ABC America, Fox TV, TV1, Channel 10 and many more.

Adam is, to inspiration and determination, what gunpowder is to a bullet. His talks will leave the audience blown away.


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"I came along to the RGS last night – you were outstanding (...) I was intrigued by your technique and what you offered coaching-wise." Nick Tims, MD at Investec Asset Management

"The 7 Oceans Challenge is one of the most formidable physical challenges. Adam is an inspiration to us all and demonstrates that with hard work, determination and an iron will; anything is possible.”
Professor Greg Whyte

"Adam is such an inspiration, and what he has done is mind blowing! His story is incredible!" Mark Foster, Six Time World Champion Swimmer

"TSYS used Adam at a business-wide event as our guest speaker to discuss "Making Extraordinary Things Happen". He was open, engaging, down to earth and the audience not only related to him as a person, but also as someone who committed himself to his passion with patience, perseverance and determination. He was a big hit (as he is on YouTube 5 million hits!). He struck the right balance of humility, energy, focus and our team came away feeling better about what's possible if you put your mind (and body) to it." Kelley C Knutson, TSYS Executive Vice President

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