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Chloe Ayling exclusively appoints Kruger Cowne for commercial representation and guidance

In recent weeks the world’s media has been sharply focused on 20-year-old British woman Chloe Ayling.


Chloe Ayling was allegedly lured to Italy, under false pretences, drugged, kidnapped and held captive against her will for 6 days, as her captors attempted to facilitate her auction as a sex slave on the “dark web”.

We recently met with Chloe and after this life-changing experience, which has made her reconsider her career and personal goals. We are delighted that Chloe has exclusively appointed Kruger Cowne for commercial representation and guidance.

We will support Chloe and work to develop a new path for her, which will include sharing her incredible story and the experiences gained from this terrible ordeal and building from this to champion an “Human Trafficking Awareness” campaign.

We are clearly in the immediate aftermath of Chloe’s traumatic experience and whilst she requires time to adjust, she is energised to make a difference and ensure awareness is raised, to help other women like her avoid a similar situation which could have ended so very differently.

Chloe recognises she is not an expert witness, but she speaks from the heart on her first-hand experiences and her account of the event and how she, as a young woman, dealt with the incredible mental anguish and overcame her fears sufficiently to gain her release is an inspiring and empowering lesson of the darker side of life which she now wishes to share to empower others – a young woman surviving on her inner strength.



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