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Akala’s Odyssey – BBC Four

20th February 2018

Akala’s Odyssey – BBC Four


Akala is a musician, poet, writer, historian, political activist, founder of the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company and as last night served to highlight, a commanding television presenter.

Akala’s Odyssey aired on BBC Four on Sunday evening and followed our exceptional client’s voyage across the Mediterranean and beyond as he delved into some of the mysteries behind Homer’s monumental poem, the Odyssey. 

It is now available to those who can access the BBC iPlayer, and I strongly recommend finding an hour to watch this astonishing segment of poetry-cum-history – two of Akala’s passions. If the post-broadcast social media response is any gauge, there’s certainly a great demand for much more of Akala’s brand of enlightening education.

If you would like further information around Akala – opportunities in branding, publishing, speaking, television and media, I’d be happy to help, so please get in touch.

Watch the full programme here.

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