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Prof. Ben Garrod

Broadcaster, Evolutionary Biologist and Author

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Prof. Ben Garrod

What can our animal relatives teach us about stress, anxiety, and mental wellbeing? How much of our mental health is evolutionary, and how much is affected by digital distractions – including social media? What can science teach us about the relationship between mental and physical health? And what part does physical exercise play?

Professor Ben Garrod attempts to answer some of these questions, drawing fascinating comparisons from across the animal kingdom, having spent over two decades living with and researching the behaviour of great apes.

An accomplished and highly entertaining speaker, he describes how the stress and anxiety we so often experience “may not have originated here with us”.

Searingly honest about his own mental health journey, Ben describes the challenges he personally has faced – with charm, humour, and energy. Why does he suggest we should all sign up to a 200 mile ‘fun run’ at least once in our lives, and what did he learn from befriending Johnny, one of the world’s most dangerous inhabitants?

An expert in his field, Ben has worked on the frontline of conservation in Africa, Asia, South America, across the Caribbean, and the Arctic. He’s seen first-hand the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss on a range of species and ecosystems. As a result, his views on sustainability are also highly thought-provoking.

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