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Ife Thomas

Author & Motivational Speaker

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Ife Thomas

Ife Thomas forged her fame as a dancer on the X Factor, following a fast-paced and demanding career in her youth. From joining girl bands and performing across the BBC, to making cameos in commercials and featuring in the music videos of the stars, Ife was never far from the limelight. Unfortunately, Ife’s jam-packed performing career was brought to a grinding halt after she sustained a serious knee injury, leaving her unable to keep up with her demanding schedules. Drawing her performing to a close, Ife did not let her misfortune get her down and she worked her way into appearing on Big Brother in 2010.

Having won the heart of the British general public with her dancing appearances and Big Brotherantics, Ife has since forged a career as an author and motivational speaker. Changing direction from the jam-packed entertainment world, Ife has honed her skills as a speaker and has also diversified into corporate finance. Swapping her dance attire for a business suit, Ife became the Executive Director of The Ladder Agency and then the Managing Director of The National Accountancy Network. Under her careful watch, The National Accountancy Network thrived, and Ife developed a strong passion for business.

Experiencing throughout her career what it takes to reach both physical and mental peak performance, Ife is now considered an authority in the worlds of sales, marketing, business and corporate coaching. Having founded the National Network of Chartered Accountants, Ife has led a diverse career and her breadth of knowledge is impressive. Ife has also founded MindWorkOut, a company helping to improve wellbeing, and has created The Confidence Star. Mental health and wellbeing are of optimum importance to Ife, and she passionately advocates their importance. A mother of two boys, one of which has autism, Ife is often seen delivering talks on building self-esteem and helping people to be more resilient in the world around them. Ife is also the author of Powerlift Your Career: Everything You Need To Succeed, compiling a number of techniques to help in careers and life.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ife was determined to help people with their mental health and wellbeing. In order to do this, Ife set up several social media groups, such as Lockdown Motivation: Powerlift Your Life, which have been credited to have motivated, empowered and inspired people during the hard times of lockdown. Passionate to share a positive mindset with her audience, Ife has created a radio show called “𝗙𝗲𝗲𝗹 𝗚𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗙𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗮𝘆”. Ife has also been a prominent activist for the Black Lives Matter movement, forging a reputation as a strong and empowering black female. Rocked by the death of George Floyd as many were, Ife felt that she needed to take action and so began to dedicate her online presence to support black lives.

Now a highly sought motivational speaker, Ife is seen delivering to a range of different audiences. Sought to spread awareness of mental health and wellbeing, Ife is often seen speaking about boosting self-esteem and confidence and has recently launched her Podcast Everything You Need to Succeed with the support of Starbucks Coffee House. As a mother, she is also often sought to speak about helping children to find their own unique talents, motivating the parents in her audiences to empower and encourage their children to have the confidence to do anything they put their minds to. Described to have infectious energy, Ife is well-received at all events she attends and leaves audiences motivated to create positive change. Previously she has been sought to speak at eBay, Snapchat, and ITV, along with several corporates and organisation. Ife has also spoken, for MIND Mental Health Charity and the National Autistic Society, proving to be a popular, authentic, and passionate speaker.

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