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Dr. Jane Goodall DBE

Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

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Dr. Jane Goodall DBE

Dr. Jane Goodall DBE is an ethologist and environmentalist, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and a UN Messenger of Peace. Her research into the lives of wild chimpanzees of Gombe, Tanzania began in 1960 and continues today.  She has redefined species conservation to include people and the environment and empowers young people of all ages to make a positive difference in their world through Roots & Shoots.



Renowned for her landmark study of chimpanzees in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, Dr. Jane Goodall DBE is one of the world’s most famous scientists.  She is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats, and to that end she set up the Jane Goodall Institute in 1977 to supports the Gombe research.

In 2002 she became a UN Messenger of Peace, and was invested as Dame of the British Empire in 2004.  She delivers fascinating speeches on humanitarian, socio-ecology, conservation and issues affecting the developing world, and is a highly accomplished public speaker.

She has also featured in many popular television documentaries and has written an extensive number of books, including two overviews of her work at Gombe, two autobiographies in letters, her bestselling autobiography and many children’s books.  However, The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behaviour is recognised as her definitive work, and is the very culmination of her career.

Dr. Goodall founded Roots & Shoots with a group of Tanzanian students in 1991. Today, Roots & Shoots connects hundreds of thousands of youth in more than 120 countries who take action to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment.

Dr. Goodall has been the subject of a number of documentaries, and features in a large-screen format film.  She has also featured in two Discovery Channel Animal Planet specials, and is a riveting and engaging corporate and after dinner speaker.

Her latest book The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for an Endangered Planet came out in 2021.

“It was a treat to work with Jane Goodall and her associates. All the members of her team were friendly and professional, and were immensely helpful in setting up the book selling and signing space. Jane Goodall herself was a delight. She is an undemanding celebrity, who cheerfully gave greatly of herself during her time at Hanover College. Dr. Goodall drew an audience of some 2,500 people to the College, the largest convocation audience here in decades. Her talk was insightful and inspiring. After a Q&A period, Dr. Goodall spent three hours signing books. She will not leave until everyone who wants a book signed or a photo has been satisfied. Dr. Goodall’s visit truly was an EVENT – something that will be remembered here for years."

Dan Murphy, Hanover College

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