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Karl Lillrud

Best-selling Author, E-commerce Expert

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£5000 - £10000

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Karl Lillrud

Karl Lillrud is known as one of the world’s TOP 30 E-commerce and Online Business experts, generating 300% increased sales.

The world’s best speakers on future, innovation and leadership for business growth online, Karl Lillrud educates your audience on subjects related but not limited to e-commerce, online consumer behaviour, internet-based business, and online strategies.

With an extensive experience from Unicorn Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries i.e. from Internet-based,  E-Commerce, Retail,  Cars, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Telecom, Bank and Finance, Media and more.

As a speaker, Karl always shares his passion and experience to empower the audience.

Making sure your audience have a great deal of new knowledge, methods, and tools that they can inject in their own environment, making their companies grow.
Karl Lillrud is a best-selling author of 6 books, two times TEDx speaker. He has been honoured as one of the world’s top 50 e-commerce speakers, top 50 e-commerce experts and world’s top 30 e-commerce influencers.

With a burning interest in the growth of global E-Commerce and retail, Karl started to study customer behaviour and customer psychology to understand more about the difference between a customer and a window shopper.

But also, to understand why E-Commerce conversion is around 3% as compared to the retail conversion of around 57%. Which him to become an expert speaker, where Karl is invited to speak all over the world.

He started his first business at age 16, today 25 years later he has helped organisations like Volvo, H&M, Spotify business, AstraZeneca, 3, Tele2, TUI and many more to scale their business, convert bottlenecks into opportunities and build both internal and external success factors.

Karl have already helped 1000+ e-commerce stores to increase their conversion and market growth.

It all started back in 1996 when Karl as a 16-year-old kid started his first IT Consultant company, at such young age proving to the society that nothing is impossible. 2001 Karl founded the very first online based interior design store in the Scandinavia. He developed a unique e-commerce engine and growth model connected to a data-driven approach to tailor the experience based on consumer behaviour.

Since then, Karl have helped companies worldwide to operate more efficiently and generated over 300% in increased conversion for companies with a global footprint.
Karl work globally both as an on-stage professional speaker at events but also as a professional virtual speaker, meeting your needs to make the event in the most professional way.

"Karl is a very likeable person who has the ability to humbly get people to take their next step without remorse. If you are looking for a talent speaker you can happily choose Karl."

Jensen Education

"Karl give you a holistic overview of the entire ecommerce landscape to better understand how to operate more efficiently."


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