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London’s Legacy: Sadiq Khan And Hussain Manawer

London’s new mayor, Sadiq Khan, has selected Kruger Cowne’s Rising Star, Hussain Manawer, to create the launch video for the London is Open campaign, unveiling London’s first all-night tube with an iconic spoken word music performance from Hussain which will give you goose bumps. Symbolising what the night tube would mean for the capital, London-born-and-raised Hussain and music producer friend, Moghul Veyron, had less than a week to create a masterpiece, entitled ‘London’s Legacy’. This campaign will be everywhere between now and the end of the year. Hussain, who will be flying into space in 2018, gives new meaning to the phrase “Call to Action” and, as London’s mayor has realised, any event or brand benefits from aligning themselves with this extraordinary, authentic and powerful young voice.


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