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Petra Velzeboer

Mental Health Strategist

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Petra Velzeboer

Inspirational speaker Petra Velzeboer grew up in a cult and transformed her life from suicidal alcoholic to mental health and resilience specialist. Her keynotes are dynamic and informative, tackling intense topics with humour and offering practical tools for creating change both individually and at work.

At 25 years old speaker Petra Velzeboer had 2 kids, almost zero education, was a raging alcoholic, depressed and figured no one would miss her if she ended everything. She realised then that she had a choice, she could either die now or she could dedicate just 1 year to try and learn how to be happy.

After that year life was by no means perfect but she’d discovered that one thing, hope. She began to dedicate her life to learning about mental health, resilience
and practicing everything she learned on herself. She educated herself in psychotherapy, human development, parenting, coaching, mental health and resilience and found her way to a truly fulfilled and successful life: despite the odds.

She is the CEO of a thriving mental health consultancy and training company that teaches individuals and teams how practicing courage and vulnerability enhance productivity, fulfilment and happiness. Her keynotes are motivational, inspirational and filled with practical tools for tackling the mental illness epidemic that is rampant through our schools, workplaces and families.

Speaker Petra Velzeboer teaches practical tools for creating a sustainable mental health strategy at work, with insight into practical application of government recommendations included in reports such as Thriving at Work (2017) and Business in the Communities (BITC) Seizing the Momentum Report (2018).

Book Petra if you want a dynamic talk that avoids clinical speak and instead gets real about how technology is robbing us of human connection, how empathy can enhance productivity and how the mental health conversation can be applied to your organisation.

Petra has an MSc in Psychodynamics of Human Development and Hosts two Podcasts:

  • Killing It – A Spotify Original on Music & Mental Health
  • Adversity to Advantage

Petra speaks on titles such as:

  • Wellbeing in times of Change
  • Adversity to Advantage – How to Thrive No Matter What
  • Remote working for managers
  • Performance Reviews and Mental Health

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