Have you got what it takes to fly to space and back?

Kruger Cowne are offering 1 person the opportunity of a lifetime, to experience Earth as seen by only 500 others.

The winner has been announced, meet Hussain Manawer!


After a year-long search and an impressive shortlist made up of 30 young future leaders, Kruger Cowne and partners One Young World and Spaceship Earth Grants announced on 21st November 2015 as part of the One Young World closing ceremony, the champion of the programme – 24 year old Hussain Manawer from Illford, Essex. Having delivered a 3 minute speech at the programmes final in front of an international audience made up of 1300 delegates and online spectators, Hussain wowed the panel of judges and the public with a performance of a lifetime.

Launched last year at One Young World in Ireland, the Rising Star programme consisted of a year-long search to find one inspiring individual, who will become the voice of the next generation, culminating in the chosen champion being catapulted onto the world stage and into space in 2018. Travelling beyond the 100km mark by XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx® Spacecraft and presented with the opportunity to experience the world from an entirely new perspective, as the Rising Star, Hussain will provide new insight to global discussions on some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Having received applications from over 90 countries, the programme’s 3 finalists – Keren Jackson from Ireland, Freeman Osonuga from Nigeria and Hussain Manawer from the UK – each took to the stage on Friday 19th November to address varying topics, from mental health awareness to global warming.

The final appeared as part of a specialist session at the One Young World Summit, and saw prominent judges Sir Bob Geldof, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne of Kruger Cowne, David Jones, co-founder of One Young World, Fatima Bhutto, Suphachai Chearavanont and celebrated astronaut Ron Garan all cast their vote. Ensuring the public also had a say, friends, families and countries were invited to support their candidate via a public social media vote.

With his enthusiastic performance, Hussain pressed hard the issues surrounding mental health awareness, leading to a standing ovation and an influx of social media support.


The Plane

The XCOR Space Shuttle

Composite Body
For minimum weight


720 kg Fueltank
For highly sustainable jetfuel


2 Crew Cockpit
Offering the passenger a true co-pilot astronaught experience


45.2 ft Canopy
Design to offer crew an unobstructed view


4x XR-5K18
Light fueled re-ignitable rocket engines designed to be used over 5,000 times


Science Pods
Room to conduct science experiments on every flight


Heat Protection System
For safety absorbing re-entry heat build up


Programme Timeline