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Samantha Clarke

Happiness Consultant, Global Innovator, Neuroaesthician, TedX Speaker & Author

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Samantha Clarke

Samantha is on a mission to change thinking to change the world

Focusing on leadership, wellbeing, purpose and personal effectiveness, Samantha is dedicated to the betterment of individuals and how we can be, live and work better. Samantha helps individuals to refine, augment and advance how they make changes, navigate change and facilitate changes in themselves and their teams/companies.

Her training and philosophies in neuroscience, innovation, and therapeutic and positive psychology led processes; instil resilience, deep well-being and strength, giving her clients and audiences the power, intentionality and courage to do important work in the world.

Mixing her signature blend of science and soul, she is a one of a kind speaker who will leave audiences reinvigorated and equipped to power up their wellbeing, make changes and create sustainable happiness with thought-provoking insights, practical and tangible actions. Whether she is talking at the School of Life, or speaking alongside Hillary Rodham Clinton, Angela Duckworth and Esther Perel, her desire to promote richer ways of living and being are born from her lived experience with a genetic blood disorder – Sickle Cell Anaemia.

Having navigated a life of chronic pain and its effects on her mental health, she knows firsthand the rituals, routines and new thinking needed to navigate disruptions, create harmony between work and life and build sustainable daily wellbeing in life and work.

Her talks encourage individuals to start having better conversations about what makes them tick, what purpose means, how to confidently ask for what is needed and how to be experimental and agile in life and work choices to supercharge happiness, skills and strengths in new ways. Honed on global stages across the Middle East, Europe, US and Japan she is cognisant of creating messaging that reaches hearts and minds across cultures and all demographics.

As a qualified Bhutanese Gross National Happiness Facilitator, Samantha embeds key mindfulness skills to enhance global organisations’ well-being, culture, and performance. A Co-Active & Organisational and Relationship Systems trained coach with additional training from MIT in Neuroscience for Business, she designs holistic training programmes to support leadership and employee development and consultancy to create the cultures and environments that enable people to thrive whether a company is scaling up or downsizing.

Samantha’s personal interests in innovation, the arts, tech and nature feed into her work continuously and she has expanded her qualifications in this direction. Through an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts, as well as her MA/MSc in Neuroaesthetics & Global Innovation Design for Social Change at Royal College of Art / Imperial College London.

This supports her future focus on the impact the arts, architecture and technology have on health, happiness and wellbeing. This looks like creating holistic office design for employee wellbeing; psychosocial sensory design for hotels and hospitals; designing virtual reality programmes and wearables to help neurodiverse employees build social and occupational skills at work, and using sculpture and clay to relieve burnout in healthcare and frontline workers.

Samantha continues to share her learnings with two podcasts. “Love It or Leave It”, which explores the journeys of individuals crafting careers on their own terms and “How to Be A Changemaker”; conversations with leaders, philosophers, psychologists, technologists and communication experts on creating positive solutions to navigate and facilitate change and increase wellbeing at work. As the author of Love It Or Leave It: How to be Happy at Work and her Ted X talk ‘Are you ready to break up with work?’, Samantha offers a rallying call for individuals to break up with limiting beliefs and take agency in their lives and careers to rebuild more purposeful ways of working.

"I’d recommend Samantha to anyone looking to shift the paradigm and sometimes rigid frameworks around L&D. It was a fantastic experience with a speaker who brought energy, passion, thoughtfulness, attention and relevance to all the session. We look forward to working together again."


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