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About Steven Bartlett:

Steve is the 24 year old CEO of Europe’s fastest growing marketing agency, Social Chain.

After dropping out of university at 18 – defying both his parents and convention in the process – Steve began his first company, a student platform called Wallpark. During this initial venture, where the conventional path would be to market traditionally to students, Steve sought to instead utilise social media.

Building out the UK’s largest online social communities led to a new idea of how brands could capture the attention of young people, and so the idea for his next company was born. Steve rounded up the most talented people in social media, resulting in the convergence a host of renowned online communities with huge followings.

Steve quickly became fascinated by disruption, in particular how best to disrupt traditional marketing methods. Just like he had done at both school and University, he quit Wallpark. Where people often fear risk, Steve saw an opportunity following the decline of his first company.
With a new focus, Steve began to harness this online influence channelling his efforts into creating the most innovative social media marketing agency of the decade, Social Chain.

Two years after its conception, Social Chain quickly became the most sought after and innovative agency of its kind. Expanding into four locations in its first year and employing 100 like minded people, all with an average age of 21 years old.

Here Steve had not only defied the model of a traditional marketing agency, but also began to rewrite the rules of the workplace. Incorporating puppies, bars, ball pits and slides, Steve created an environment where people enjoyed to work. Social Chain quickly became the focus of not just the press but of the biggest brands worldwide, with Steve positioned at the front of its growth.

At 24, Steve is now a recognised entrepreneur, speaker and investor who has amassed a huge following online. But as many similar entrepreneurs have distanced themselves from society as their growth increases, Steve has adopted the opposite approach by making it a responsibility of his to connect with his generation. Steve’s ability to relate to a younger audience is paramount to his success today, although a CEO and global speaker, Steve places great importance in the ability to be able to communicate directly with his followers.

Combined with this passion for inspiring a younger generation, comes a great knowledge for social media and upcoming trends. Steve has situated himself at the forefront of the industry and is often the one reporting on upcoming trends even before their adoption. Having achieved all this in just two years, it is hugely exciting to see what the future holds!

In October 2018, Steve and Social Chain launched a game changer in the social influencer industry – ‘Like-wise’, is an industry-first tool which reveals fraudulent activity. The tool has already revealed that more than 1 in 4 influencers do, or have at some time, engaged in manipulation which scams brands out of millions of pounds.

It’s industry innovations like this which have seen Steve awarded the Entrepreneur Rising Star Award at Black British Business Awards 2018, voted one of the top 10 Most Inspirational Independent Agency Leaders by The Drum and voted Rising Star by peers at Econsultancy.

In 2020, Kruger Cowne announced the successful conclusion of their negotiations with Yellow Kite for the rights to publish the first book by Steven Bartlett, founder of the social media and marketing company Social Chain.

In the book, titled Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love and Success, 27-year-old entrepreneur Bartlett “teach readers how to achieve personal success without losing sight of all the other things that make life fundamentally worthwhile”.

To keep up with Steven, visit his Youtube page where he uploads regular Vlogs.

Kruger Cowne Speaker Awards: Social Media Speaker of the Year 2017.

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“The influencer who can make anything go viral in 26 minutes” Evening Standard

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