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Choosing the right host for your panel or function is a delicate decision - one that is made ever easier with the diverse selection of hosts and moderators signed with Kruger Cowne.
Our client list includes individuals from a range of industries, including comedians, sporting legends, entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, and each of these talents has the poise, experience and deft ability to handle hosting duties on any scale.
Whether it’s a panel focused on the discussion of serious social issues, or you need a light-hearted host to control the flow of a fun presentation, with Kruger Cowne, your function will be in more-than-capable hands no matter what.

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Book a host or a moderator with Kruger Cowne

Hosting and moderating require a versatile talent who understands the implications of your event, as well as what key talking points will best engage your audience. The range of hosts represented by Kruger Cowne can help to create the perfect atmosphere for all manner of functions, panels and events.
From industry experts maintaining thought-provoking, candid discussion, to free-flowing wit chaired by leading comedic talent for a relaxing evening event, we have the perfect host to exceed your expectations.
If you’re in need of an experienced and unflappable host – but aren’t quite sure who would be best for your event – simply discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team. Our extensive connections can help you find the ideal answer.
And to enquire after any of our hosting or moderating talent for your event, get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling.

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