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Fintech Speakers

Our new leading experts in financial technology, payments, cyber security and innovation.

Kruger Cowne's Premier Talent

Our premier talent clients have provided their voices and brilliance to a variety of media.

Sporting Talents, Adventurers & Explorers

From horse racing and motor sports to cricket and the Olympics, sport inspires, delights and entertains us on a daily basis.

Comedy & Entertainment

We all delight in the unusual and spectacular, often looking on with envy and whispers of "how do they do that?"

Music Acts

We all have our favourite types of music, as well as bands, artists and performers, so why not hire your favourite music act for your event?

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We have provided talent for the world's leaders in media and industry call +44 (0)20 3124 1860 to make your event memorable

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Kruger Cowne Talent Management & Public Speakers

As a premier talent management agency, Kruger Cowne knows the importance of making a good impression, whether that’s at a corporate dinner, charity event or in the public sphere. As such, our clients regularly attend a range of events for industry and enterprise, catering to our customers’ business and entertainment needs. Thanks to our diverse and broad portfolio of speakers and artists, you can be sure of delivering the perfect message, whether you’re looking for a motivational or after dinner speaker. Our clients include sports personalities, entertainers, TV personalities and celebrity chefs, as well as others, and we can supply talent for:

  • Books and literary contracts
  • Fashion shows and special events
  • Sponsorships
  • Charitable patrons and endorsements
  • Honorary degrees and awards
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Campaigns and publicity
  • Television programming and documentaries
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Personal appearances

So you will always inspire and delight your audience whilst creating an unforgettable experience.

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