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Cedric Dumont | October 2017 | Kruger Cowne Breakfast Club Event Image

Cedric Dumont | October 2017 | Kruger Cowne Breakfast Club


08:30:00 - 10:00:00

The Hospital Club, Seven Dials London, 24 Endell St, London WC2H 9HQ

Cedric Dumont | October 2017 | Kruger Cowne Breakfast Club

Apart from being a great start to your business day, the Breakfast Club gives you the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s greatest public speakers and to ask them the questions you’ve been dying to ask.

This month the Breakfast Club will feature extreme sports athlete, motivational speaker, Cedric Dumont.

Cedric Dumont is a Belgian pioneer in the adrenaline soaked disciplines of basejumping and wingsuit flying. Since 1999 he has been a member of the elite RedBull Wingsuit team.

For the uninitiated, a quick search on the internet will provide a heart racing education.

Despite the fast paced nature of his sports, there’s a calm science behind Cedric’s outlook and approach. He is a High Performance Psychologist and an avid implementer of flowhacking techniques, energy management, and emotional intelligence. He has used this base to enable professional athletes to apply a mental edge and skill set, which allows them to unleash their potential. He also informs businesses on these proven methods and in doing-so presents ways on surviving in high-risk environments and the importance of educated risk taking. The fact Cedric is fluent in five languages makes this knowledge globally sought-after.

In addition to Cedric’s awe-inspiring sporting accomplishments and psychological education, he is an advocate and living proof of the benefits of an engaged lifestyle. Spending time on the road, forging new friendships, sharing and inspiring. This is his infectious motivation, pushing his limits, staying close to the elements and remaining humble.

Between leading expeditions, flying, speaking, writing and consulting for elite athletes and major companies, we’re excited to welcome Cedric to the Kruger Cowne Breakfast Club.

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